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Our hospital is the flagship tertiary care institution of the Alaska Tribal Health System. It features the highest level Trauma Center in Alaska, advanced cancer care, neonatal intensive care, neurosurgery, and inpatient children's care.

Prevent disease. Reduce premature death and injury. By focusing on good health at the community level, the Division of Community Health Services is essential to the achievement of the ANTHC vision - that Alaska Natives are the healthiest people in the world.

We are bringing health to the homes of our Alaska Native communities. The Division of Environmental Health and Engineering provides planning, design, construction and operations support for clean water and sanitation projects throughout Alaska.

Statewide professional recruitment, technical support for clinical engineering, medical patient records, telemedicine services, information technology for the Alaska Tribal Health System and tribal governments.

Electronic Health Record

Electronic Health Record

The benefits of Electronic Health Record are many. Improved quality of care. Better Care Coordination. Enhanced safety measures that improve the safety, privacy and security of your medical records.

Trauma Care Team

Level II Trauma Care

Did you know we are the only hospital in Alaska with a Level II Trauma Certification? That means you'll have a Running Water in Pitkas Point

ANTHC just completed the three-year, $11 million construction project in Pitkas Point using local labor -- a temporary job boom in a village where the average per-capita income is less than $11,000 a year. Read more...

Healthy Alaska Native Foundation

Helping Children Heal

The Healthy Alaska Natives Foundation is raising money for the benefit of Inpatient Pediatrics. Help our facilities reflect the industry-leading care we provide. Make a difference in the life of a child. Join with the Healthy Alaska Natives Foundation.